Nordic Walking
Singing for your health

Nordic walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles. It is an aerobic activity to strengthen the whole body.
Barbara Rayner
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What equipment is needed?

    Nordic Walking is done with specially developed Nordic Walking poles. Wey Valley Nordic Walking uses Excel poles as these are renowned for their strength and durability. The poles are of fixed length and vary in size depending on your height.

  • Are poles provided?

    Poles of varying sizes are available for loan during classes (please ring to check availability as limited numbers of each size are held in stock). Once you have tried Nordic Walking you may well decide to buy your own poles for use both in and out of class.

  • What footwear do I need?

    A good pair of trainers, which offer grip on various terrains (road, footpath and field) together with adequate foot support, is ideal. A good sports stockist will be able to advise you on the best option for you. In very wet or muddy conditions you may prefer to wear walking boots to reduce the risk of slipping, though for normal conditions trainers are preferable as they provide greater flexibility in the foot.

  • Do I need specialist clothing?

    Whilst you do not need specialist clothing, it is best to avoid wearing jeans and other heavy fabrics as when they get wet they stay wet. Try to choose lightweight fabrics that dry quickly. Thin layers are better than wearing one thick one. You will need to dress appropriately for the conditions. A light-weight wind and waterproof jacket is a well-worthwhile staple in any walker’s wardrobe.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    Nordic Walking is suitable for everyone irrespective of age or physical condition. There are three different training levels: health, fitness and sport. The health level is suitable for all, including those returning to exercise after illness or injury. The fitness level provides a total body workout and enhances endurance. The sport level is suitable for highly trained athletes. Wey Valley Nordic Walking currently offers training at both health and fitness level.

  • How long does each session last?

    Sessions typically last between 1 hour and 1¼ hours including a warm-up and cool-down.


For more information contact Barbara Rayner at: info@weyvalleywellbeing.co.uk  or  Phone 01420 80445
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