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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I suffer from low-back pain. Can Pilates help?

    If the back-ache is caused by muscular weakness then Pilates can definitely be beneficial as it strengthens the muscles that help support the spine and pelvis. It is important, however, to seek proper medical advice to ascertain the cause of your symptoms and to get the all-clear before starting a course of Pilates. If you are currently consulting or have recently consulted an osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor it may be helpful for the instructor to be able to liaise with the practioner concerning your treatment.

  • Is it too late to start Pilates?

    No. Pilates is suitable for all ages and brings particular benefits to the older client: maintaining/increasing flexibility, working on balance (important in preventing falls), improving co-ordination and helping to preserve good posture and alignment.

  • Will Pilates help me to lose weight?

    Pilates is not cardiovascular (except when performed at a very advanced level) and so on its own will not help you lose weight. You may appear slimmer, however, as it does sculpt the body by working on the deep abdominal muscles. If you wish to lose weight, it is recommended that you do some form of cardiovascular exercise as well: walking, swimming and cycling are all good ways in which to increase your heart-rate. Nordic Walking can be particularly helpful as it expends greater energy than ordinary walking. For more information, visit the Nordic Walking page.

  • Can Pilates help with osteopoenia and osteoporosis?

    The greatest threat to someone suffering from osteopoenia or osteoporosis is the trauma caused by a fall. Pilates works on the balance and on postural stability and so can help to reduce the risk of falling. If you have osteopoenia or osteoporosis it is important that you discuss this with the instructor so that they can tailor your programme accordingly.

    Wey Valley Pilates has chosen to include in its regular classes a range of exercises that are specifically geared towards the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and from which clients of all ages can benefit.

  • How often should I do Pilates?

    You will feel the benefit even if you only attend once a week but obviously the more often you practice, the better the results and you should certainly at least try to do some of the exercises regularly at home. Wey Valley Pilates is able to provide an ‘aide-memoir’ of some of the more fundamental exercises and can recommend books and videos for working out at home.

  • Is equipment provided?

    Yes. Mats, cushions, therabands and toning circles are all provided. Other small props such as hand weights and overballs can be purchased via the instructor if you wish.

  • What should I wear?

    It is important that you feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Leggings are ideal but if you feel more comfortable in something a little less fitted then jazz/yoga pants or slim-fitting tracksuit bottoms are a good alternative. Voluminous t-shirts should be avoided as they make it difficult to see your alignment. Thin layers that can be peeled off as needed are good. Don’t forget to wear socks so that your feet can slide on the floor

  • Do you run classes in the summer holidays?

    A scaled down programme of classes does run during the summer holidays. These are run on a pick-and-mix basis, allowing you to choose the individual days, dates and times that suit you, but you must sign up and pay for them in advance.

  • How much does it cost?

    Group classes are block-booked and cost £10 per session. One-to-one sessions cost from £40. For details of fees for small private groups, please telephone.


For more information contact Barbara Rayner at: info@weyvalleywellbeing.co.uk  or   Phone 01420 80445
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