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Body Control Pilates in classes of up to 12 people, or one-to-one sessions.

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Welcome to Wey Valley Pilates

Wey Valley Pilates offers small, friendly classes that are both fun and challenging, as well as one-to-one tuition tailored to your individual needs. Small private groups can also be accommodated by arrangement.

Many clients have been referred by an osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor and use Pilates as part of their maintenance regime to help address long-standing problems such as low-back ache. Others are already fit and well but simply wish to stay that way, retaining and developing their flexibility and strength; they use Pilates to complement physical activities they already enjoy such as golf, tennis, walking, running, cycling, swimming or attending the gym.

One of the main benefits of pilates is that the good movement patterns and postural alignment that you learn in Pilates will be carried into both your everyday activities and any other form of physical exercise you undertake. This allows you to make the most of any physical activity whilst minimising the risk of injury.

The focus of Wey Valley Pilates is on providing quality teaching with good supervision, which means group classes are limited to a maximum of 12 clients. To encourage client development, classes are graded rather than mixed ability and are run as half-term courses to allow clients to progress in a way that is not possible if attendance is on an ad-hoc basis.

For more information contact Barbara Rayner at: info@weyvalleywellbeing.co.uk  or   Phone 01420 80445
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